FROST - Online Order Platform

There are many off-the-shelf online ordering platforms available for restaurants, however FROST has unique business eccentricities that require a custom solution. To this end, I began the product design process by examining the existing solution, reviewing data on it's use, and conducted preliminary/informal testing against my initial assumptions. This led to the creation of a requirements document, and a proposed roadmap for the implementation of new features.

The following document contains some of this work to illustrate my process. Some data and prototypes have been omitted due to confidentiality concerns as this project is still under development.





Amazon - Personal Sales Concept

This is a concept I created for Amazon with the primary goal of creating a new individual seller and buying experience that stands alone yet is still part of the overall Amazon brand.

The goals of this project were:

• Create a fresh shopping experience, one that is still Amazon, but could stand alone.
• Surface a wide variety of “pre-loved” items in a way that invites discovery.
• Reveal items relevant to a customer’s browsing habits, anticipating their needs.
• Make browsing the category easy, aligning it with Amazon but allowing it to stand alone.
• Engage “social shopping” by creating new ways to interact and share.
• Inspire existing customers to become sellers on the platform.
• Highlight items available for local pick-up, Amazon Locker, Prime, and FBA.
• (Future) Create a listing tool to make selling items on Amazon super easy while guiding the process to ensure high-quality listings. 

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Amazon - Sell Your Past Purchases

The goal of this project was to improve the process of a customer selling their past Amazon purchases. To this end I created a comprehensive update plan that not only made the process more user friendly, but also a fully responsive interface. A mobile interface was also created.

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Coldwater Creek - Shopping Experience

At a time when retail clothing chain Goldwater Creek began placing more focus on online sales, and eventually moving exclusively online, I was brought in to manage and design the UX for the complete shopping experience. This included category and detail pages, search and filtering, shopping cart, and checkout.

This was an extensive multi-month on-site project at Coldwater's headquarters in Sandpoint, ID. Working directly with the VP of Sales and Creative Director, my role ranged from high-level stakeholder involvement to UX design and prototyping.

What is not shown is work involving video and exploration into new ways of shopping for fashion, concepts I was unable to retain for my portfolio.

Following are a selection of screenshots from this work.

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Amazon - Winery Enhanced Content

Winery details on the product detail pages were severely lacking in flair and substance. This design was created to enhance this experience, and make updating the schemes easy with a "templated" design.

Amazon - Wine Case Creation

Many wineries selling on Amazon offer multi-pack or case discounts. Offering a way for customers to gather bottles and keep track of what's in their case is a new way to shop on the site.

Following are wireframes and mockups of product (detail) page integration and an exploration of ways to display this information to customers.

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Amazon - Wine Promotion Admin

With an increasing focus on the wine business, and the addition of multiple sellers beyond the wineries that launched the category, a feature-rich wine promotion admin tool was needed.

Integrated into an existing admin framework, my designs worked seamlessly into a familiar workflow while improving efficiency with new features and more comprehensive information display.

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Amazon - Seller Tablet Concept

Creating tools to make creating and tracking sales for external sellers more efficient was the priority of this project. Between managing inventory and tracking payments and shipments, this concept was created to enable sellers to manage their activities via a consolidated tablet interface. These are some demo screens created for a stakeholder presentation.

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Amazon - Wine Deals

This was primarily a visual design task seeking more engaging ways of displaying offers in the wine category. These concepts cover storefront offer displays as well as a dedicated landing page to view current and upcoming deals.

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Amazon Wine - Mobile Sales

At the start of this project, customers were only able to view Amazon's wine selection via their mobile devices. My task was to bring the full purchasing experience to mobile, introducing new functionality while integrating into an existing mobile design framework.

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Amazon Wine - Comprehensive Reviews

As a part of the Amazon Wine team, I was involved in creating concepts for a number of new features that made finding and selecting wine more fun and intuitive for the customer. To this end, it was necessary to improve product data to make suggestions and recommendations more valuable and accurate. One way to accomplish this was to make the customer wine review process more comprehensive in order to gather more data on the wine.

What follows is a self-started project created to open up the discussion about how we can begin to accomplish this.

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Amazon Art - View In a Room Feature

One of the most important facets of choosing an art piece is understanding it's scale and how it looks in the context of a room. The "view in a room" feature dynamically maps an art piece into a room setting which changes based on the overall dimensions of the piece.

To accomplish this we used studio photographers to capture specific room settings and mapped minimum and maximum art dimensions to determine which art would appear in each setting. Complex programming brings the whole feature together so that any art piece can be added to a collection and appear in the appropriate room dynamically.

My role was to assist in the art direction of the room scenes, perform photo editing and stitching to perfect the rooms, calculate the dimensions appropriate for each room, and design the UX for the feature including variations and display on mobile devices.

Below are screenshot examples of this work.

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Amazon Art - Collector's Galleries

With all of the incredible art available in Amazon's catalogue, Collector's Galleries were created to highlight popular tastemaker's favorites help customers to discover their own.

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Amazon Collectibles - Trading Cards

My task was to create new and more intuitive ways to display the vast amount of information required on a trading card product page, as well as enhance the storefront and search functionalities of the category. Additionally, the designs were to accommodate multiple offer/seller and trading card grade display at key places in the shopping experience.

For this project I also worked directly with several of Amazon's largest collectibles sellers, interviewing and corresponding with them regularly as the project took shape. I was also responsible for creating usability study curriculum for these features, and administered many of the tests with both internal and external users.

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Amazon Art - Storefront Launch

As primary UX designer responsible for launching the new Amazon Art store, my first priority was to design the art storefront and integrate it into the site as a whole. This required strict adherence to existing design standards and established UX patterns.

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Amazon Art - Gallery Pages

Individual galleries offering art on Amazon required visually stunning gallery pages to highlight their artist's works. These are a handful of concepts created for this purpose.

The primary goal of this project was to surface each gallery's art, make their selections easy to purchase, and reveal additional information about the gallery.

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Amazon Art - Artist Explorer

The task was to create a more immersive artist information layout for the Amazon Art artist pages. Below is a concept for acclaimed multi-media artists Inez & Vinoodh.

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