FROST - Loyalty Customer Journey Mapping

When contemplating a new app-based loyalty program for FROST, I began by researching customer behaviors in-store and online. This mix of physical vs. virtual user analysis was critical because the program had important touch-points in both areas.

After extensive qualitative research in the store, and using data from our existing digital channels, I began to further define customer profiles and create comprehensive journey maps. The following are some examples of this work.

Note: Due to confidentiality concerns, some data and analysis has been omitted.

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FROST - Brand Identity

As Creative Director for FROST since it's inception, my role has been to create a dynamic and memorable brand that carries through each and every guest touchpoint whether in-store or online. Design work for the brand includes all aspects of branding and identity, packaging design, product and merchandise design, store layout and interior design, and more.

Seattle Metropolitan Magazine raves about the concept:

"The doughnut sensation of the decade just might be this little sleeper from Mill Creek, which expanded to Bellevue, Everett, and soon South Lake Union. Thank heavens for that, as FROST makes some of the very best doughnuts we've ever tried (if Seattle Met's taste test is to be believed that is: FROST swept both our first- and our second-place categories for its Salted Caramel Old Fashioned and Smoky Bacon Maple Bar, respectively.) IN recent years FROST has expanded into macarons and individual cakes (both sporting the same exuberance in flavor as the doughnut brethren) and even lunch soups and sandwiches."

Following are some examples of this work.

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