be. Brand Concept

When FROST asked to create a brand extension that focused on coffee, I knew that I needed to preserve the integrity of the original brand while extrapolating it into a new business.

be. by FROST is a concept I created around the FROST Bespoke Espresso product, which I designed and launched for the company in 2014. The ask was to create a concept that elevated the coffee experience to one more akin to a wine bar. Custom artisan roasts served in an upscale, luxe setting and paired with the fresh baked treats FROST is known for. By leveraging the existing brand as an introduction to be. I was able to create a new concept that was instantly familiar to customers. The brand connection continues beyond initial visual cues with the familiar products FROST guests know and love.

But why a separate brand? There are a number of reasons but key among them is the ability to open be. stores into denser locations with smaller footprints than required by a FROST store. The FROST brand works best when positioned in suburban areas frequently underserved by fresh, new food concepts. be. presents an opportunity to extend brand reach into new, more unique locations with a more upscale, urban concept that speaks better to the demographic.

Below are parts of an initial concept brief created for be. which has raised significant funding and will be launching in late 2017. These screens are shown with permission.