Amazon - Personal Sales Concept

This is a concept I created for Amazon with the primary goal of creating a new individual seller and buying experience that stands alone yet is still part of the overall Amazon brand.

The goals of this project were:

• Create a fresh shopping experience, one that is still Amazon, but could stand alone.
• Surface a wide variety of “pre-loved” items in a way that invites discovery.
• Reveal items relevant to a customer’s browsing habits, anticipating their needs.
• Make browsing the category easy, aligning it with Amazon but allowing it to stand alone.
• Engage “social shopping” by creating new ways to interact and share.
• Inspire existing customers to become sellers on the platform.
• Highlight items available for local pick-up, Amazon Locker, Prime, and FBA.
• (Future) Create a listing tool to make selling items on Amazon super easy while guiding the process to ensure high-quality listings. 

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